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How to buy

Step 1. User registration     

To buy any item in our e-shop you should be an authorized user. During the process of the registration you should create your user name, your password and provide the valid E-mail address. Other personal information such as name, address, phone number are optional and required only if you will order the CD with the delivery. 

l. You may change your data at any moment after the registration.

Step 2. Browsing through the catalogue

Without authorization you can look through our catalogue to choose the directions or CDs you need. You may choose a model in the catalogue or find it with search string. There is also an option of overview of available CDs. In this case you will be given a list of CDs with the description of the content. This option is useful when you want to buy an CD.

Step 3. How to order

Click ORDER link to proceed to the check out. You will have the number of your order and its description. At the page of confirmation you have to choose a payment system and click PAYMENT to proceed. Then you'll be forwarded to the PayPal.com payments. We will start handling of your order after recieving your payment. 

Thank you.

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