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Variants of payment

We accept the following cards:VISA, EuroCard/MasterCard, Discover, AMEX

Having chosen the article you should click the key of the suitable card that proves your intention to pay for the article. All payments are made by the PayPal system.

Having arranged for payment you’ll get an e-mail with confirmation and the number of your order. You may use the number when you want to write us an e-mail.

When the payment is successfully arranged, the ordered documents (if you ordered the e-mail version) will be allocated at a server and youll be sent the address so that you might download them.

Please mind that we are not responsible for the work of your mail server or mail box. If you havent got your order for some time, please, send us the number of your order and your e=mail address by e-mail.

Pay attention that we dont return money for electronic directions but it doesnt refer to CDs.

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